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QHow to do when T12 tip doesn't absorb tin? A in the board to dig a small hole, put the rosin and tin in the hole, put the head of solder tip insert the hole, while heating and putting the tin,If you can prepare a tin stove, use scaling powder into tin stove put the tin to repair!
QWhat are the precautions for using T12 tip? A If can use low temperature, then do not high temperature: T12 is constant temperature control, the general recommended working temperature control between 300 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, higher than 380 ℃ damage the coating of solder tip and cut down t
QWhat the problem of attention when we use the T12 first time A T12 tip heating speed is very fast, when the new solder tip connect the electricity, it must be tinput immediately to the solder tip, for protection, due to heating up fast, just need 6-10 seconds, no have more time to you for preparetion.
QWhy the temperature of the new T12 solder tip is jump? A Because the inside heating core of the new T12 solder tip did not go through the high temperature, so the first time to use will be a bit of temperature, generally without special treatment, the normal use of 1-2 days after the basic will n
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