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What are the precautions for using T12 tip?


  a. If can use low temperature, then do not high temperature: T12 is constant temperature control, the general recommended working temperature control between 300 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, higher than 380 ℃ damage the coating of solder tip and cut down the PTC life!

  b. Do not dry: the first time to use solder tip, should be wrapped while heating a layer of tin. If it's without work, at once shutdown!

  c. Diligent to clean: before shutting down, use a wet sponge or detin the ball to remove the tip of the oxidation of debris, on the tin after the shutdown power off!

  d. Standard operation: Do not violent collision the solder tip, do not stamp the top of the hard objects, but can not be used to hot plastic and other materials, specifically reminded that friends like tin should avoid the iron and other hard metal knock tin, the heating core of T12 is in the head of the solder tip, often percussion is a fatal damage to T12!

  e. Less use of scaling powder: scaling powder can not be used, can be used as less as possible! When scaling powder help make beautiful and reliable welding at the same time, but also greatly speed up the consumption the coating of the solder tip, T12 heating core high temperature position is very near of the Nozzle tip of the solder tip,Scaling powder in the fear of threat to T12 head pressing parts.