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What are the advantages of lead-free soldering iron head?

Familiar people know that in the electronic lead-free soldering industry, most companies will still choose lead-free soldering iron products. At this time, can not help but ask: why not choose lead soldering iron head? What is the difference between them? With these questions, continue reading the following.
    Before answering this question, we must first understand the concept that a lead-free tip is relatively lead-free. This indicates that lead-free products are more environmentally friendly. If lead-based products are used by everyone, they enter the animal or human food chain by penetrating into the groundwater system. In daily work, the body absorbs lead or its compounds through skin absorption, respiration, food intake, etc. When these substances reach a certain amount in the human body, it will affect the normal synthesis of proteins in the body, destroy the central nervous system and cause the disorder of the nerve and regenerative system .
    In fact, not only lead products contained in their own toxic substances will cause harm to human beings, but also for product quality, the use of lead-free soldering iron head produced more superior product quality, unlike lead soldering iron head production of poor quality products, Life is even more vulnerable.
    After the introduction of the above, we are not why choose lead-free soldering iron have a deeper understanding of it? Understand its advantages, if there is such a demand, remember to contact us in time.