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How to choose the right iron tip

The right iron tip not only makes your job more efficient but also increases the durability of the iron tip.
Choice of principle: the size and heat capacity of the iron tip has a direct relationship, for continuous welding, the greater the use of iron tip, the smaller the temperature drop. In addition, because of the higher thermal capacity of the iron tip, the low temperatures can be used during welding, the iron tip is less susceptible to oxidation and therefore has a longer working life. In general, choose the size of iron tip do not affect adjacent components as standard. Choose to be able to fully contact with the welding spot, it can improve the welding efficiency.
1. I shape (cusp shape)
Feature: iron tip with taper
Applications: Suitable for refined welding, or small welding area, you can also modify the bridge when welding the chip.
2. B type (circular)
Feature: B-type iron tip without direction, the front of iron tip all can be welded,
Application: Suitable for general welding, no matter the size of the welding joints, can use the B type iron tip.
3. D-type (Slot-type)
Feature: with part of the batch of nozzle to welding.
Application: Suitable for welding which need more tin, such as large welding area, thick terminals, big solder joints of welding environment.
4. C type (horseshoe)
Feature: with the bevel part of the iron tip for welding, suitable for welding which need more tin
Application: C-type iron tip and D-type iron tip is similar, such as large welding area, thick terminals, big solder joints of welding environment.
5. K type (blade type)
Feature: The use of knife-shaped part of the welding, vertical or soldering welding can be welded, they are multi-purpose iron tip;
Application: For SOJ, PLCC, SOP, QFP, power supply, grounding part of the components, the modify tin bridge, connectors and other welding.