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QUICKO XA High-grade T12-J02 soldering iron Tip/high-grade s

XA-T12-J02 soldering iron Tip/high-grade soldering Tip for FX9501/951/952
Product Abstract:
Model Number T12-XA
Output Power 75W
Output Temper 200-480C
Size 139mm
Input Voltage 24V
Heat Times 7s
Apply Handle 907/9501 handle
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    1. Chromium layer dense, the hardness of the coating up to 1000-1100KHN, wear high temperature anti-corrosion ability.
    2. Black chrome plating of high thermal stability, heated to 480 degrees appearance does not change. Black chrome plating corrosion resistance is better than ordinary white decorative chrome layer.
    3. Smooth coating, fine light, beautiful and delicate.
    4. Coating thickness uniformity, reduce the high current density of the thick deposition.
    5. black with solemn sense, black is a permanent charm of the tone!





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